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Once again another scandal has come from the open sewer that is the Catholic church.  This time a Cardinal was diddling the seminarians.  Yet, surprisingly, the faithful, in their demon inspired stupidity, stay.

What does it take to give them working brains?  Their own children are raped and they stay.  When pressed as to why, they babble something about “sacraments.

Sacraments?  Sacraments?  Some ritual garbage?  A piece of inedible bread fit only for the garbage passed by hands unclean from being garbage themselves?  Shame on them.  Shame!  To be merely in the presence of Catholicism is to be in the presence of something vile and unclean.

Show you are human.  Walk away from that pit of stinking manure they call a “Church.”  Become Cosimanian Orthodox.

Come to us and we will show you the truth.

Come to us and never fear again.

Come to us and we will give you power.

Come to us and be gods, not as gods, but gods.

Our arms are open to you.   Our teaching is not secret.  It is there for all to see for one only hides that which is shameful.

Come to us.  Learn and be free.



You say that…


you say that

Oh dear


At my age I hate to work and I really an not in the business of proving things, but it seems that there are unbelievers who need to be brought to the paths of righteousness and the truths of Cosimanian Orthodoxy.

Well, there is nothing for it.  Proof they have demanded and proof they shall receive.  I doubt they will enjoy it though.

On the other hand, the new helmet can use a workout.